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Details Integrated-Models-of-Cognitive-Systems-Cognitive-Models-and-Architectures

Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems The field of cognitive modelling has progressed beyond modelling cognition in the context of simple laboratory tasks to those studied by researchers in the field of human-factors. This volume presents advances in ...

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Details Handbook-of-Cognitive-Social-and-Neuropsychological-Aspects-of-Learning-Disabilities-Volume-2-Handbook-of-Cognitive-Social-Neuropsychological-Aspects

Handbook of Cognitive, Social, and Neuropsychological Aspects of Learning Disabilities: Volume 2 (Handbook of Cognitive, Social, & Neuropsychological Aspects)

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Details Cognitive-Poetics-Goals-Gains-and-Gaps-Applications-of-Cognitive-Linguistics-ACL-Band-10

For more than two decades now, cognitive science has been making overtures to literature and literary studies. Only recently, however, cognitive linguistics and poetics seem to be moving towards a more serious and reciprocal type of ...

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Details Cognitive-Linguistics-Internal-Dynamics-and-Interdisciplinary-Interaction-Cognitive-Linguistics-Research-CLR-Band-32


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Details Working-Minds-A-Practitioners-Guide-to-Cognitive-Task-Analysis-A-Practioners-Guide-to-Cognitive-Task-Analysis-Mit-Press

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) helps researchers understand how cognitive skills and strategies make it possible for people to act effectively and get things done. CTA can yield information people need -- employers faced with personnel issues, market ...

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Details Shakespearean-Neuroplay-Reinvigorating-the-Study-of-Dramatic-Texts-and-Performance-through-Cognitive-Science-Cognitive-Studies-in-Literature-and-Performance

Shakespearean Neuroplay provides a methodology for applying cognitive science to the study of drama and performance. With Shakespeare's Hamlet as a test subject and the cognitive linguistic theory of conceptual blending as a tool, Cook unravels the ...

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Details From-Perception-to-Meaning-Image-Schemas-in-Cognitive-Linguistics-Cognitive-Linguistics-Research-CLR-Band-29

Landmark publications by G. Lakoff and M. Johnson in 1987 established image schemas among the cornerstone concepts of the emerging paradigm of Cognitive Linguistics. The pre-linguistic, dynamic and highly schematic gestalt patterns arising from motor ...

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Details Engaging-Audiences-A-Cognitive-Approach-to-Spectating-in-the-Theatre-Cognitive-Studies-in-Literature-and-Performance

This book provides an introduction to spectator response from the perspective of cognitive science, using insights from neuroscience and evolutionary theory to examine the dynamics of conscious attention, empathy, and memory in theatregoing.

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Details Basic-Processes-in-Memory-Development-Progress-in-Cognitive-Development-Research-Springer-Series-in-Cognitive-Development

For some time now, the study of cognitive development has been far and away the most active discipline within developmental psychology. Although there would be much disagreement as to the exact proportion of papers published in developmental journals ...

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Details Cognitive-Modeling-Bradford-Books

Cognitive Modeling A comprehensive introduction to the computational modeling of human cognition. Full description

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Details Cognitive-Development-An-Advanced-Textbook

[{ Cognitive Development: An Advanced Textbook By Bornstein, Marc H ( Author ) Mar - 25- 2011 ( Paperback ) } ]

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Details Modes-of-Religiosity-A-Cognitive-Theory-of-Religious-Transmission-Cognitive-Science-of-Religion

Religions_whatever else they may be_are configurations of cultural information reproduced across space and time. Beginning with this seemingly obvious fact of religious transmission, Harvey Whitehouse goes on to construct a testable theory of how ...

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Details Anthropology-and-the-Cognitive-Challenge-New-Departures-in-Anthropology

Anthropology and the Cognitive Challenge One of the world's most distinguished anthropologists proposes that cognitive science enriches, rather than threatens, the work of social scientists. Full description

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Details Cognitive-Behavioral-Therapy-for-Chronic-Illness-and-Disability

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Chronic illness And Disability( Hardcover)

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Details Cognitive-Behaviour-Therapy-with-Older-People

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Older People Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is now well established as an effective treatment for a range of mental health problems, but for clinicians working with older clients, there are particular issues that ...

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Details The-Challenge-of-Cognitive-Therapy-Applications-To-Nontraditional-Populations-Nato-Science-Series-B-Closed

Cognitive therapy is fast becoming one of the more popular and well­ respected forms of psychotherapy. In both research and clinical practice, several advantages of cognitive therapy have been identified. Cognitive therapy is structured enough to ...

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Details Handbook-of-Cognitive-Linguistics-and-Second-Language-Acquisition

Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition Describes the implications of Cognitive Linguistics for the study of second language acquisition (SLA). This work includes chapters that identify theoretical and empirical strands of ...

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Details Fostering-Language-Teaching-Efficiency-through-Cognitive-Linguistics-Applications-of-Cognitive-Linguistics-ACL-Band-17

In contexts of instructed second language acquisition there is a need for teaching methods that are optimally efficient, i.e. teaching interventions that generate a maximal return on learners' and teachers' investment of time and effort. In the past ...

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Details Neuroscience-based-Cognitive-Therapy-New-Methods-for-Assessment-Treatment-and-Self-Regulation

Introducing new strategies for measuring the effectiveness of cognitive therapy, Neuroscience-based Cognitive Therapy helps clinicians assess the emerging psychotherapeutic force that is neuroscience.

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Details Cognitive-Note-of-Discord

cognitive note of dischord [import]lords of decadence (artist) | format: audio cd roduct details * audio cd (august 1, 2006) * number of discs: 1 * format: import * label: dark matter distribution

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Details Social-Cognitive-Radio-Networks-SpringerBriefs-in-Electrical-and-Computer-Engineering

This brief presents research results on social cognitive radio networks, a transformational and innovative networking paradigm that promotes the nexus between social interactions and cognitive radio networks. Along with a review of the research ...

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Details Group-Therapy-with-Troubled-Youth-A-Cognitive-Behavioral-Interactive-Approach

[{ Group Therapy with Troubled Youth: A Cognitive-Behavioral Interactive Approach[ GROUP THERAPY WITH TROUBLED YOUTH: A COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL INTERACTIVE APPROACH ] By Rose, Sheldon D. ( Author )Jan-14-1998 Paperback By Rose, Sheldon D. ( Author ) Jan ...